Red Raspberry Herbal Tea - Case of 6 boxes - total of 120 teabags

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Red Raspberry Herbal Tea - Case of 6 boxes - total of 120 teabags
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Here's a delicious country fresh blend with the delightful taste of ripe, red raspberry. You'll love Red Raspberry's™ invigorating flavor. Caffeine Free.


hibiscus, rose hips, apples, natural flavor, elderberries, raspberries

Preparation instructions

Start with fresh cold water and bring to a rolling boil. Pour over tea bag, steep 4 minutes and remove tea bag. For Iced Tea by the glass steep a little longer then pour over iced.
Average customer review:

Admiration for tea on a whole new level

I have lived drinking pomegranate green tea for years. As of recently, I went to a camp that offered a diverse selection of Bigelow tea, free to drink as much as I pleased. I tried this tea first and fell in love. I couldn't help but drink it for every meal, and before bed, while at this camp. Once I came home I checked out this company and I strongly love and appreciate the efforts to be so natural and sustainable. You have won a new customer, all started with some really delicious tea. Focusing on this specific tea, it has a rich raspberry flavor and delicious smell. Great drink for any tea lover who enjoys a strong, fresh berry taste. I have already strongly recommended it to friends and shall continue whenever I get the chance. <3

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