The Story of Bigelow Tea Book

The Story of Bigelow Tea Book
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The Story of Bigelow Tea Book
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This book was written for the Bigelow Tea fans. It tells the story of a company that began with my mother, Ruth Bigelow’s vision. The year was 1945. That was the year my mom disappeared into her kitchen for a couple of weeks and when she came out, she had created what would become America’s first specialty tea, “Constant Comment”. A delicious blend of tea with orange peel and sweet spice. Seventy five years and three generations of our family later, this iconic tea is still going strong having brought many millions of Americans so much pleasure. Today Bigelow Tea, still totally family owned, is America’s leader in specialty tea. Our Family is very proud of this story. Hope you enjoy it! Soft cover. 101 pages.


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One and only

When I was young my Mother would always have Constant Comment when she had a hot cup of tea. Sometimes she would let me have a cup, it always smelled so good. Mom is gone now, but every night I have a cup of hot Constant Comment (decaf now), and as soon as I open the pack, I just inhale a deep breath of that orange spicy goodness. It just calms the nerves and brings back those days all in that one wonderful breath. Love it! Its the only tea I drink.


Childhood memories

My MomMom always had constant comment whenever we would visit her which was usually four or five days a week. She would make me and my sisters a pot of it every morning. She also would give it to us when we were sick. She would do this till the day she passed away. Now I’m 59 and she passed 2 years ago. She was 98 years old. I also raised my children on it and they still drink it. When they come to my house I give it to them and they give it to their children. It is the only hot tea that we all drink. Constant Comment thanks for all the memories. I just open the tea bag up and the aroma takes me back to all the great memories. Thank you Bigelow!!!!

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