3 Boxes of Premium Blend Pure Ceylon Tea - total of 300 teabags

3 Boxes of Premium Blend Pure Ceylon Tea - total of 300 teabags
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3 Boxes of Premium Blend Pure Ceylon Tea - total of 300 teabags
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black tea

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GREAT cup of tea.

I remember as a child having tea with my Irish grand mother. I am 76 years old now and can never remember a cup like grandmother used to make until now. When I was in the hospital with pneumonia I ordered a cup of hot tea with my meal. It was a tea bag of your Bigelow Premium Blend Ceylon Tea. W hen I tasted my first sip I was transported back in time to my childhood. When I got out of the hospital I searched the internet and have found your site. I will be ordering this product on a regular basis. THANK YOU.


From Ceylon

I am from Ceylon, (Sri Lanka), recently moved to the US. Me and my husband loves tea like any other Sri Lankan. When we came here we bought some tea from the supermarket and it was the worse tea we ever tasted. same went for many other brands we tried! My husband who is a doctor tasted Bigelow tea from his working place and told me '' finally found tea tasted like tea!''


Perfect drink on a plane

I started drinking tea when I was 15. It became my favorite morning drink. I like it black, not flavored and strong. So, I move to England and I find out that's how they like it there. It was pure bliss every day. Anyway, I come back, and it has been a downward spiral since then. Until I get on my Charlotte to New Orleans flight. I request my usual "Hot tea, with milk, no sugar, please" not expecting much of it. Then wow! What a wonderful taste followed by such a boost through my veins! It was Bigelow Premium. I'm so glad I finally found my perefect morning tea in the US. Thank you, thank you!

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