Bigelow Benefits 3 Pack Sampler

Bigelow Benefits 3 Pack Sampler
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Bigelow Benefits 3 Pack Sampler
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We are so excited to introduce three flavors to the expanding line of Bigelow Benefits® teas: Benefits STRESS FREE, Benefits FOCUS, and Benefits LEAN AND FIT. Designed to support clean eating and a healthy lifestyle, the masterfully blended range of BENEFITS teas offer wellness solutions for every day. 3 pack - total of 54 tea bags.


Preparation instructions

Start with fresh cold water and bring to a rolling boil. Pour over tea bag, steep 4 minutes and remove tea bag. For Iced Tea by the glass steep a little longer then pour over ice.
Average customer review:

Rose Mint Stress Free

Okay! Where would I start? Two years ago I had a run in with the Blueberry Beauty. Thought nothing of it. But? Suddenly when I’d get towards the last few tea porches? I’d feel a little anxious. Strange right? Over Tea? It became a staple. Not daily. Nor at a particular time. Then came the BlackBerry Cinnamon. Well... OKAY. What’s one more. Then came pandemic. And Truth? I didn’t like grocery shopping anyway. So, my instacart shoppers have a hard time with tea finding. Hello Amazon! Hello Lavender tea. Hello Tumeric. Hello Ginger Peach. The six box package is a great deal. And I’m one of those friends? You never leave my home empty handed. Tea? Why not. So, while looking on Amazon? Realized the most popular Benefits Teas? I haven’t seen up close in person in a shop. I look for a three pack? No way. Not on Amazon. Hello Bigelow TEA homepage! And here’s to the completed set of the Benefits Experience. Tonight was the Rose Mint. A little heaven in a cup. That’s all I got. Definite thumbs AND toes up. So what am I going to do with 162 bags of 9 assorted teas? Drink the Dickens out of it. And, I’ve been so happy with this Texperiment? I’ve been shipping these collections to my faraway friends and family this Spring. Cause you know. Who doesn’t like giving others a little pick me up. And what do they ask? What am I going to do with 9 Boxes of Tea? And the answer is?? You’re going to sit and appreciate it. Share it, care for others with it. It’s quite the ritual. Every friend I have? Was made over a beverage. So now? The phone rings. And it’s always nice to hear this: “If you’ve got a cup and will put the kettle on? We can do your fancy thing. With your grandma’s cups. My grandmother’s cups were purchased in 1952. Through THREE generations~ they sat in a china cabinet on the farm. Then they sat at my mom’s home. Again? Unused. Then they sat at my home for 14 years. Unused. I got to thinking. “Those poor cups. They were cast into existence and have watched ever holiday since 195 ~ roll by. Waiting. Waiting To do that thing which they were intended to do. So? These cups? Nearly 70 years old?? Are finally fulfilling their purpose...if one believes in such things. If there was ever a year for finding your way thru relationships with simplicity and thoughtfulness? This was it. And I’m so grateful the institution of having tea alone, and ritualizing it with my friends could make us feel a little better about who we are and where we go next; uniting the past and present... seamlessly. Thank you. LBrowne Glad to Be on the Big Blue Ball With You!

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